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MTN is launching its 4G LTE Network in Nigeria in July

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MTN is launching its 4G LTE Network in Nigeria in July

We’ve followed MTN’s LTE journey for quite a bit now. As early as four years ago, our tip line was buzzing with news that MTN had 4G LTE plans, starting with a migration from its old TDMA based network to an IP-based one to testing LTE networks across the country. Then the buzz died down till recently, when news filtered out that MTN was acquiring Visafone for their 4G LTE license and spectrum.

Well, for the first time, we now have confirmation about when MTN’s LTE network would actually go live. In response to a question regarding how long it will take to integrate and leverage its Visafone acquisition during MTN quarterly investor’s call, the MTN CEO Ferdi Moolman mentioned that they had started migrating Visafone subscribers off the spectrum in a bid to “clean it up.”

“And the plans are to have commercial available LTE towards the end of Q2, maybe early Q3, albeit very limited, obviously not substantial, and then to start expanding this towards Q3, Q4 and Q1 of next year.”

He also hinted that the first phase of the roll-out will cover 6-8 cities, but didn’t mention which, so your guess is as good as mine.

Seems like my fast internet prediction is on track.

...half genius, half unserious.

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