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Infinix Hot 3 Review


Infinix Hot 3 Review

[alert variation=”alert-warning”]After messing with the Infinix Hot 3 for a bit, I had an idea to do something different with the review, rather than write one, I passed it on to one of our avid readers, to review instead. Why? When we write professional reviews, we try to cover all the bases for everyone, from basic user to advanced. This means that, besides the fact that there’s a tendency for it to stretch, a lot of the gist might fly over the head of the basic user who is just interested in the ability to call and maybe use the internet. We intend to do a few more user reviews over time, so if you would like to review something, send us an email: ~ Editor[/alert]

Infinix Hot 3_15
I received the Infinix Hot 3 from a friend and genuine gadgets lover. My initial thoughts were, “Wow! (Umm! is a better word) Another android device.” Prior to this day I have been enjoying a Windows phone, which I also skeptically accepted to use. But, just like any other human who loves new toys, I gladly accepted the offer and plunged into the really-Smartphone immediately.

The first thing that excited me was the massive options of apps I available to me (welcoming me back to the android world). Every search I made provided countless options and tried to link me to something else I may be thinking of downloading. And, just like how a man who had just spent the last ten years of his life in a cave would feel in a mansion, I felt excited and began downloading. That was when the thought hit me: “You will soon run out of space!” Believe it or not, I panicked.Infinix Hot 3_16

You see, my last few experiences with android were an earlier version of Samsung Galaxy (one of those that birthed the series) and a Tecno. In both cases I felt frustrated because I ran out of space. I have never been a man for expensive phones and like any member of my thrifty species, I want speed, efficiency, slickness, and space – lots of it – all mixed up in the soup of affordability.

The Hot 3 did not disappoint me. With its 16gb ROM and 1gb RAM (not to mention that it is expandable to 32gb), it hit those high notes. This meant my needs could be easily met. In addition, its Octa-Core, 1.4GHz processor makes it faster than its predecessors. Although not the fastest phone on earth (lest I sound too greedy), it is faster than a lot in its class.Infinix Hot 3_7

My daughter loves pictures… well I also love them – but she loves them more. Whenever her crave for selfies and wefies come up and she commands, “Daddy, znap me!” I can always show that I have the world of photography in my pocket pulling out my Infinix Hot 3, which is built with 8MP Back camera and 2MP in front. When you check the shots you’ll agree that the engineers at Infinix did a great job of optimizing these cameras for taking wide and yet sharp shots. The pictures are empowered with a bigger 720 × 1280 HD resolution and a display of 5.5 inches. Again, the pictures aren’t necessarily the best in the world, but at its price point? Colour me impressed.

Lastly, I’ll comment about its battery life. Who wouldn’t? Save, of course, if you are still on Nokia 3310. Infinix Hot 3’s 4,000mAh Lithium Polymer battery actually delivers what it boasts – 2 days of basic phone use if you stretch it! Keyword “basic” which means the phone is left idling with the data off a lot between calls, emails and the occasional Twitter and Facebook. If a power user were to use it, battery life will probably hold up for somewhere around 7-8hrs. Thankfully, I’m not a power user.Infinix Hot 3_13

Although I have not tried it, I would not be shocked if it actually can deliver its much talked about 21 hours talk time, 8 hours of video, 40 hours on music and 6 hours of browsing. Now, here’s the fun part; I charged a hitherto flat battery to 60% in 20 minutes. Twenty minutes! Is that fast or fast? From the 60% mark the charging gets slower but at least you have 60% of your battery brought back to life in no time.

Is there anything I’ll love them to add? Sure! Certainly not the price but I’ll suggest more speed, and a little less complexity in its interface for dummies like me. Other than these, the Infinix Hot 3 gets a pass from me.

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