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MTN’s 4G LTE network is live across most of Nigeria


MTN’s 4G LTE network is live across most of Nigeria

Following MTN Nigeria’s acquisition of Visafone for their 4G LTE license and technology, we reported that MTN planned to launch its own LTE network in July.

Those plans seem to be right on-track.

Yesterday, while activating my Ntel sim in Abuja, I randomly searched with my device to see what networks were available within the area, and lo and behold, my device registered MTN as a 4G network. Following the chance discovery, I put calls across to various people in major cities across the country to perform the same checks, and most of the responses have been positive. Network Search

I have also reached out to some sources at MTN, who confirm that the aim is to try to launch in as many cities at once or at least have launches as close to simultaneously as possible, though they won’t comment on the speed or how close to their launch goals they are. Apparently their 4G-ready sim cards are also already on sale, though they aren’t being advertised as such yet, but if you have gotten a sim swap in the past few weeks, chances are you already have a 4G-ready sim.

You should note that you can’t exactly use it just yet, you’ll still need to have the proper sim and authorisation (provisioning) to hop on it, seeing as it’s still being tested. However, knowing that the network (infrastructure) itself is already running across so many cities at once is a huge deal.

If the data price wars happening now are anything to go by, MTN’s entrance into the 4G LTE space, will most likely change everything about it. I think it’s going to be internet cafe’s vs Telcos all over again.

We wait. Anxiously.

...half genius, half unserious.

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