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Why is Smile ashamed of its “Business Plans?

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Why is Smile ashamed of its “Business Plans?

About a week, I began to think of possible internet providers for a new office project I’m working on (details on this later). Naturally, Smile popped up seeing as I currently use them for my home and office internet, (and it’s possibly the best still the best option to use in Kaduna at the moment, though the speeds are no where near where they used to be when I reviewed them at launch…so no brainer right?

It’s now a long way off from the 21Mbps we saw during the review.


Considering the scale of the project, I decided to look up the Smile’s business offerings, which on paper should be more suited for what I’m trying to get done.

That’s where the problems started.

First of all, I couldn’t find any details whatsoever about the plans themselves, their pricing, speed, data caps or Fair Usage Policy (FUB) on their website. I had to check my calendar to see if I had somehow time travelled back like 10 years to the past, because I can’t for the life of me under stand how a “tech company” that Smile is doesn’t have details of a product it intends to sell on its website.

Thinking that maybe it was some omission of sorts, a couple of days later, I reached out to them via Twitter to ask for details and was told to send my phone number and email. Err…Smile NEEDS my email AND phone number to tell me how much their plans cost? Absurd. I eventually did send my email to them after they explained that they wanted to send me an info-pack. Just in case you are wondering, they haven’t sent it.

Left with no other option, I drove across town to their office this hot afternoon to inquire about the plans and couldn’t get a definite response. None of the staff, were able to definitely tell me what the plans were. The best I got was that the 1mbps connection was “around 37,000 per month” and there was a Fair Usage Policy, the extent of which they also could not tell me.


But that’s not all. They asked me to leave my number and email address details, so that they could pass it on to the department in charge of business services, “who wasn’t around at the moment.” (The whole department wasn’t around…probably because it’s just one person, which again isn’t much of a biggie, provided that the work gets done), so I left my details.

On my drive back to my side of town, I get a call from someone at Smile (“the one-man department), who introduces himself and asked where I would want to use the internet, to which I replied. Then he proceeded to ask for the address of my office so he could come and discuss the plans with me. I replied that, that wouldn’t be necessary as I wouldn’t need his help to make my decision, all I wanted was to know what my options were, and that I was tech-savvy enough to know what I needed, so he should please send me an email with the available plans.

For a super weird reason, which I still haven’t figured out, he proceeded to ask for my house address so he could come and discuss the plans with me at home. LOL

To cut the long story short, I’m not sure they want my business, which is fine. Between rumours that Spectranet will be launching here soon, Ntel’s imminent arrival, MTN’s 4G which is already being tested and a mysterious network using the Mobile Network Code 621-22 (by the way, if you know who this is, let me know), which I see when I scan for networks, I’m pretty sure I will be sorted soon.

Network SearchI’m just wondering why there’s so much drama over their business plans. What are they hiding? What are they ashamed of? Or is there some voodoo which only works when they see you physically or talk to you on the phone? Lol. It’s ridiculous really.

This won’t be the first time, I’ll be on the receiving end of Smile’s bad behaviour though, so I’m really not surprised.

...half genius, half unserious.

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