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Five startups that have caught my eye recently


Five startups that have caught my eye recently

I try as much as I can every now and then to consciously look for and learn about less known startups. I have a few exciting ones that caught my attention over the past one month (May-June) and would love to share them with you. Its amazing how technology is being utilized in solving everyday problems. The internet has opened up so many opportunities and new ways to tackle long standing problems. It has also made previous processes much more effective sometimes at a much reduced cost.



Stutern is the Jobberman for Interns. Internship or Industrial training (I.T.) is a compulsory requirement for successful completion of any science or engineering based undergrad degree in Nigeria. Getting placement for internship is usually a big headache especially if you don’t have an insider or “connection” in prospective organizations relevant to your field of study. Many students end up wasting time and sometimes undergo internship in places that would not add any practical value to their course of study. Also, small and less known organizations are always exploring the more cost effective route and are therefore usually in search young and vibrant individuals ready to fill available spaces in their companies. This startup promises to solve this conundrum by matching student interns with organizations looking for them. What’s more? You can also register if you are new graduate waiting for NYSC and would love to make some buck and get valuable experience that may count in your favour when looking for a permanent job in future. This is a startup that is solving a real life problem and I love it. Check them out –

Life Bank:

Life Bank is a platform that makes blood available when and where it is needed in Nigeria to save lives. Life Bank mobilizes blood donations, take inventory of all blood available in the country, and deliver blood in the right condition to the point of need. It is easy to be biased towards health related startups but it’s hard not to be considering how essential our health is, I mean, these people are saving lives, nothing beats that. Essentially, Life Bank ensures that every hospital signed up under them will have blood available to them whenever a patient needs them. I listened to the CEO at an event last week where she said their delivery time within Lagos is 45 minutes and they are working on reducing it further to 30 minutes. That’s pretty impressive. As you know, blood is neither manufactured nor synthesized so they need people like you and me to play the hero and ultimately donate blood which will be used to save lives. This is really cool and I think you should check them out.



I decided to stop searching online whenever I feel unusual symptoms in my body. There’s no way the mini panic that comes as a result of searching online can be a good thing. The answers you get online are usually difficult to validate and often times exaggerated. Kangpe allows you to seek professional medical advice and consultation through their mobile app and website. This app literarily puts the doctor in your hands and pockets 24 hours a day. Every enquiry is answered within five minutes and you may schedule an appointment with a doctor if your case requires that. This is the kind of stuff the internet was made for you know. You also don’t need to worry about your privacy as the founders have promised to keep your sensitive data encrypted, only your gender and age will be visible to anybody, even the doctors can’t see beyond that information. The app also allows women to monitor their ovulation cycles and gives them tips on fertility and other health issues. The app is available in the Google play store and is free to download; However, you will have to pay N200 for every consultation you make with the doctor.


Sahara Kraft:

Is an online market place for handmade Nigerian crafts. It caters to a variety of categories including Men’s wear, Women’s wear, Wall Arts, Fiber and textile Arts, Functional Crafts and lots more. This startup just launched recently and they don’t quite have much yet but if they are able to rapidly scale up inventory and things work out well for them, I feel the potential is enormous. The fact that they have focused on a niche market even makes it more interesting. Nowadays, there is a new online store opening up every week, the least startup founders can do is to identify a viable niche and own it, which is exactly what the founders of Sahara Kraft have done. I really wish them all the best. If it happens one day that my Nigerian tailor disappoints me 3 days to a special event, I hope to go to Sahara Kraft, chose a readymade attire and get it delivered to me within 48 hours, just in time for my special event.


My Music:

This is a service that allows you download any Nigerian song legitimately. Each song costs N We can argue that Nigerian songs are all over the internet for free but the ease with which you get those songs is something I like. All you have to do is make a simple search on the app or on the website. The fact that the mode of payment is through your phone airtime is perfect and that’s something a lot of Nigerian entrepreneurs should really explore and implement for their businesses. There has been a lot of talk about why starting a “music download service” in 2016 is shortsighted as most people around the world have moved on from downloading to streaming. However, I think it’s a good start for the owners of My Music. The quality and cost of internet has been the major problem for the average Nigerian. As internet becomes better and cheaper, My Music can pivot from a download to a streaming model or at least do both side by side. Check them out at or get the app on Playstore for your android device.

I'm not a geek but I love gadgets and technology, what I don't like however is that I can't afford a lot of them.

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