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Mark Zuckerberg is back in Nigeria


Mark Zuckerberg is back in Nigeria

Following his epic visit to Nigeria and his time in Kenya, Mark Zuckerberg the Facebook C.E.O is back in Nigeria, this time at the capital city of Abuja.

Reports say he’s already met with the president, vice president and other government officials and also is scheduled to be at the Aso Villa Demo Day startup final competition today.

While it’s not clear why exactly he came back (I’ll skip the jollof joke, because everyone seems to have one already), Mark is said to have discussed his plans with regards to internet access in Africa via Free Basics and ExpressWiFi with the government. The president stated his surprise at Mark’s simplicity and I hear Mark also got teased about the oddity of his showing up in a suit as against his traditional grey tee and jeans.buhari-and-zuckerberg-1 buhari-and-zuckerberg-2 buhari-and-zuckerberg-3

...half genius, half unserious.

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