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The history of Compaq and trending models of laptops


The history of Compaq and trending models of laptops

30 years ago, a young unknown company Compaq Computer Corporation announced its first project. The Compaq Portable was not only one of the first laptops, but also the first successful product in the long and glorious series of processors claiming the title of IBM-compatible computers.

In February 1982 three friends-engineers, Joseph Canion, Jim Harris and Bill Murto, former employees of major US company that produced calculators and other electronics, Texas Instruments, decided to set up their own business.

In November 1982 Compaq announced their first product, a portable IBM PC compatible personal computer Compaq Portable. It was released in March 1983 and costed $2995, which was considerably cheaper than the competitors’ offerings at the time. Unlike many startups, Compaq differentiated its offerings from the many other IBM clones by not focusing mainly on price, but instead concentrating on new features, such as portability and better graphics displays as well as performance—and all at prices comparable to those of IBM’s PCs.

The Compaq Portable was one of the predecessors of the modern laptop computers. Its design has been largely inspired by the prototype of the Xerox NoteTaker. The computer was created on the basis of the Intel 8088 microprocessor and was entirely IBM PC compatible, allowing running software designed for the IBM PC. It has a commercial success, and in the first year 53000 devices had been sold. The Compaq Portable was the first in a series of Compaq Portable.

In year 2001 the company Compaq and Hewlett-Packard have announced the news about merging. After some time the word Compaq disappeared from the name of ProLiant servers, however, all modern models retain continuity with the past. Similarly, nothing more than a renaming of the lineup of Compaq are the series of ProBook and EliteBook laptops.

Today we can mention the following trending models produced by Compaq: Compaq Evo N1000V P, Compaq EVO N400C P, Compaq Presario 1500, Compaq Presario 2800, etc. They are quite popular and satisfy their fans with reliability and high quality.

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