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Etisalat launches its 4G LTE network


Etisalat launches its 4G LTE network

Last week, we reported that Etisalat was testing its 4G LTE network in Lagos, at the time of that report, users in Lagos could not access it, however, shortly after our report went out, users started noticing that their devices were latching unto the network, putting to bed the speculations that were going around about the eminent launch.

The launch is now official, as Etisalat yesterday took to the press to announce its 4G LTE network officially. Matthew Willsher, chief executive officer, Etisalat Nigeria, who announced the news about the launch said, “The 4G LTE technology offers our customers increased access to high speed data and quality voice services real time. With the new technology, our customers will enjoy efficient broadband internet and uninterrupted connectivity to clearer voice calls, increased access to online streaming and ultra-high definition videos.”

Willsher also took a dig at the other networks stating that “unlike other GSM networks”, Etisalat sims were already 4G LTE ready, and as a result, customers did not have to go through the inconvenience of executing a SIM swap before they can enjoy 4G LTE.

We’re yet to test the network ourselves, but all the tests I have seen thus far are no where near the speeds we have seen from the other players. Etisalat also hasn’t shared any details about coverage either, so it’s hard to tell where exactly you can use their LTE service right now.

If you’ve got an Etisalat SIM and a compatible mobile device though, you might want to check to see if the service is available in your hood. If it isn’t, now that the launch is official, there’s no doubt that it should rollout in your area soon.

...half genius, half unserious.

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