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Infinix Hot S Review


Infinix Hot S Review

Infinix has a large market in Nigeria and this grows with each new product. Interestingly, while I have used android phones before, this will be my first time with an Infinix. So I really have no experience with regards to what to expect or how it compares to what I’m used to which, currently is Samsung offerings. Here, we have the Infinix Hot S which was released earlier in August and is the present flagship phone for the Infinix. Let us see what the Hot S comes with and has to offer.




Infinix Hot S_13


The phone comes in an extremely smooth metal frame available in 5 colours (rose gold, glossy silver, berlin grey, med blue and champagne gold). It looks really pretty and the metallic body gives it a premium feel. It sports a 5.2 inch IPS display which is quite crisp.

The Hot S is the first Infinix phone with a fingerprint sensor which provides extra security. The sensor is located at the back, just below the flash. This is quite convenient though, I had to store the fingerprints of both index fingers so I don’t have to switch hand just to unlock.

Infinix Hot SThe extra smooth back allows almost no friction so there were a number of times where the phone almost fell, especially while typing in a lying position. This was a major problem as it kept slipping off almost anything, your jeans, couch, bed and even your hands. The smooth body tends to also be scratch prone and so also is the screen. I would recommend a phone cover for this problem, but it would hide the beauty of the phone.

The phone is lightweight, thus not a problem holding it for a long period of time, though as earlier mentioned, the lack of friction makes it prone to slips.



The base model comes with 2gb RAM but there is a 3gb model available. They all come with 16gb of storage though with 10gb accessible. There is room for expandable storage also accessible in the SIM tray. This is a compromise for an extra SIM card, for those interested in having two network providers.


OS/Performance/ Features


Infinix Hot S

The phone comes with Android Marshmallow and Infinix custom OS X (Chameleon). The interface was really easy to use and clutter free. The main menu appears in a linear form just as seen in Windows Phone; which is something I like personally, however, a few hardcore android users looked uncomfortable trying to get around it. You may need just a little adjusting to get comfortable with this arrangement. In any case, it’s no biggie seeing as you can install pretty much any launcher you want to change the looks. If you’re not comfortable with that still, the main screen still retains the android interface.

Pre-installed apps include the basic Google apps, Infinix custom ‘X apps’, Facebook, Instagram, Opera Mini and Messenger.  You will have to download Whatsapp yourself.

I did like the particular screen recording feature which allowed me to save some Skype video calls and other videos directly from the internet. The magazine lock screen was a favourite of mine. This allows display of quotes and pictures (which gets updated) which change with each unlock of the phone. The quotes are actually encouraging, that is if you are reading it, rather than quickly unlocking with your fingerprint.

The fingerprint sensor does not only unlock the phone but can take photos, swipe left or right in the gallery mode and answer phone calls. I found this very helpful when taking selfies. The phone has 4g capability which is quite essential in view of the recent availability of various 4g networks.

Infinix Hot S

Infinix Hot S

It also comes with an octa-core processor which I was impressed with. The device was very fluid and responsive during the review period. I didn’t notice any lag while skipping through apps and battery was pretty decent. I was able to go a whole day on one charge, with Twitter, emails, and Skype almost always on, and a healthy dose of Google Maps.




The main camera comes with a 13megapixel lens and xenon flash. The camera is pretty decent where there is a lot of natural  light. The images are pretty sharp. It has professional settings, for those interested in photography and have not got a camera yet. In low light, the shots were very disappointing. Here are a few shots taken with the main camera.



The secondary camera comes with a flash also and was actually unimpressive. The pictures came out either looking touched up or grainy. It comes with a few settings such as beauty, wide selfie and PIP. Just like the main camera, the front camera you’ll need a lot of natural light to get a decent shot.


Wrap Up

Having never used an Infinix before, I actually had no idea what to expect and I have to say that I was quite impressed with most of the Hot S besides the camera, which was basic in my opinion. If you’re a bit like me, who doesn’t really like taking photos and you’ve got about 55k to shell out, do go ahead and get it, if not this device is not for you.

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