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REACH, the Solution to Goal-Oriented Savings?


REACH, the Solution to Goal-Oriented Savings?

A lot of us have financial goals which we hope to achieve and this may increase as the festive season approaches. The challenge may be that we just do not have the right motivation to do so.

Some of these financial goals sometimes seem out of reach but REACH is trying to change that view. Reach is a financial app and group savings tool which brings people together to set and achieve goals.

It is an invite-only app that brings a community of friends together to set, plan, track and achieve financial milestones. Whether it is saving for rent, vacations, school, weddings, or even medical emergencies.

How the app works is, once you create your account by filling in your details, you are given the option to insert your card details. You then go ahead to set up a goal which you would like to achieve and your account is deducted based on your selections.Once goal is achieved, the money is sent back to your account. The goals set can be edited or cancelled at anytime and the funds already saved up would be transferred back.

If you would like to save alone, the app has got you covered and if you and your family are thinking about a family retreat for summer or you and your girls have got a wedding coming up, there is the option to invite friends to save as a group and also discuss about it all within the app. reach-1



Reach presently has a partnership with Zenith Bank to secure and insure your money till you want it back. Once your goal is met, you will automatically receive your savings on the day already chosen.

In order to encourage users, there are deals which are made available in partnership with vendors to make it easier to achieve set goal.

The app is presently available to only android users but an iOS version is currently in the works.

Reach is presently working on Kudi which translates to ‘money’ in Hausa. Kudi is integrated into the Reach app and is intended to help carry out financial transactions just via chat.

To download the app, click here

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