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Planning a Trip this Festive Period? Ridesharing is still an Option Irrespective of Location


Planning a Trip this Festive Period? Ridesharing is still an Option Irrespective of Location

Some of you are already thinking ‘but there is no Uber or Taxify in my city’. Same for me too.

We know how the festive period gets with a lot of trips to see the family and relatives, both those we know and those we’ve never heard of. While you’re considering the trip or making a plan for one his year, I’d suggest a look at GoMyWay, one of the ridesharing services available in Nigeria.

With our far from optimal public transport system, ridesharing seems to be a very good idea (although a lot more cars seem to be on the road than usual). Though it has grown, the development often just revolves around Lagos and Abuja with Port-Harcourt sometimes in the mix.

Because of this non-inclusion of other cities (I can’t really blame them for that) I for one have grown a preference for GoMyWay due to the possibility of interstate travel and the fact that anyone in any state can actually benefit from it.

Now what Gomyway does is, it provides rides for persons within a state or out of state, but not in real time. So you book a trip ahead of time with a person and it could well be in a week’s time. This basically opens up the space to almost anyone and could solve the transport issue common in the morning and night – traffic – because with a lot of the cars on the road almost empty, you could leave yours and tag along.

The idea I see behind Gomyway is not to  serve as a means of livelihood for certain persons as Uber and Taxify seems to be doing but more like a way to get more affordable rides for the passengers and save on fuel costs for the driver. It really is a wonderful approach.

So while you are deciding to go to the South, West, East as is common with the Igbos or the North for the holidays, do give it a try whether it is as a passenger or offering to share a ride.

In the end, if you love the environment, you would be playing a role in saving the environment by reducing the number of cars on the road thereby reducing pollution, you could save some money or help reduce the traffic often experienced.


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