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Anatomy of a Tech Startup Team


Anatomy of a Tech Startup Team

Since the birth of CoLab, one of the things that I have had to deal with is questions surrounding the ideal structure of a startup…any startup. It’s a question I tend to pass on to one of our many mentors simply because personally, I’m not the biggest fan of “structure.” Don’t get me wrong, structure can be good, and it in fact is probably the way to go in most cases, but I just personally feel like strict roles are some of the biggest killers of innovation generally.

I’m currently (to an extent) testing my hypothesis about the above, and will one day make the results known here, but till then, for people looking for structure, I now have an answer of sorts, in form of this new infographic from Wrike, which I recently stumbled upon that I think does an awesome job in suggesting what the structure of a tech startup should look like, especially with regards to scaling.

The infographic suggests what areas to focus on, when thinking about expanding your team.

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Infographic brought to you by Wrike it project management tools

Anatomy of a Tech Startup Team - by Wrike project management tools

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