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Glo Terminates BlackBerry Services on BBOS7 Devices



Glo Terminates BlackBerry Services on BBOS7 Devices

Glo customers using devices running on BlackBerry OS 7and below will no longer have access to various services. Glo announced that certain BlackBerry services would stop being available from the 17th of November. The affected services include web browsing and all Blackberry proprietary applications and services e.g. BlackBerry world, BBM, Blackberry calendar and travel apps, Blackberry hub etc.

The impacted handsets,the Blackberry Bold, Curve, Torch, Storm, Tour, Porsche will not have access to Blackberry internet services and Enterprise services. You will still be able to make calls and send text messages using the BBOS devices. So if you have a device running the BBOS7, it may finally be time to upgrade because your phone has been ripped of the ‘smart’.

According to their website, the below mentioned plans will be unavailable for purchase & renewal.

  • BlackBerry Complete weekly plan
  • BlackBerry Complete monthly plan
  • BlackBerry Absolute weekly plan
  • BlackBerry Absolute monthly plan
  • BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS)
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES)

If you have an outstanding data plan, Glo will reserve it for the next 30 days so that you are still able to use it once you migrate to a BBOS10, Android, Windows or iOS device.I think that is fair on their part. You can find out more information here.



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