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VNTS NetPremise gets your WiFi Network to every corner

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VNTS NetPremise gets your WiFi Network to every corner

I live in an old house.

No, it’s not a bad thing, it’s actually quite the opposite. They really do not build them these days like they did back in the day, so I love it, especially the space. That’s not to say it’s perfect, far from it actually, there’s the occasional plumbing issue that appears to defy logic, and the I get charged extra whenever something needs to be nailed in the wall, because the wall won’t let one out of every two concrete nails in. (still undecided if this last bit is good or bad).

The space and the walls also cause another problem – WiFi signal reception.

My current setup has the router in the living area, which is central-ish to the rest of the house, but as soon as you step into my room, while connected, you will notice a significant drop in the signal strength and quality. Step into the “Game room” and you’ll almost loose signal completely.

I’d been thinking for the best way to solve this problem, without making a mess or having to lay network cables around the house, when someone tossed me a box of NetPremise by VNTS to check out. NetPremise extends your data coverage by passing it through your existing electricity wiring. The box says it can transfer data over your electricity line at speeds of up to 200Mbps over a range of 300 meters and the best of all with a very cheap broadband. On the other hand my internet isn’t that fast, nor my house that big, so there was no way to actually test this, however, what I did test and can report is that it works and it’s painless to setup.

The box comes with two Network Extenders which are roughly the size of a generic adapter and work pretty much the same way a string phone works for those who can remember their basic science. One end plugs to the router and then to a close by socket and then transmits your data over your house’s electric wiring then you can set the second one up in whatever room you’d love to get better reception in, to receive the transmission from the first and connect to that one either via cable or Wirelessly. (Each of the network extenders pretty much acts like a mini router themselves, allowing you to connect via LAN cable, or wirelessly.

The NetPremise devices are pretty neat,  and out of the way, to the point where I doubt most people would even notice them, except you live in a house with not a lot of sockets and you’re one of those “wall huggers” that’s permanently tethered to a wall because that’s the only way to keep your devices alive. They also offer the added advantage of being really mobile. If you had to move houses for instance, all you’d need to to is pull them out of the socket and you can toss them in a bag or hold them in your hands and be on your way.

In any case, if you do have any WiFi dead spots in your house, and you’re looking for a way to extend the coverage to those areas, you should give the VNTS NetPremise devices a look.

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