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MTN’s 4G service has been down in some parts for over a week


MTN’s 4G service has been down in some parts for over a week

We were all excited, when MTN’s 4G LTE network quietly went live across the country, partly because it offered a much cheaper alternative to the other 4G providers, but mostly because they had overnight, reached areas where the other 4G providers had no coverage.

The coverage bit has changed though, as since last week, the 4G services in some of the cities outside the three where they officially launched (Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt) have been offline, without any explanation. Checks in Kaduna and Ibadan, showed that subscribers in both areas with 4G ready devices, who before now had access to the 4G network, could no longer access the service.

One wonders if the service disruption is tied to the disagreement with NCC over Visafone’s spectrum (though this is unlikely, as the Visafone lines migrated to MTN still are able to access the service), or whether there’s a problem somewhere they haven’t deemed fit to mention to their customers or maybe it’s just that they were testing the service in those areas and are done.

Whatever the case, it’s back to life on 3.5G, which now seems ridiculously slow.

...half genius, half unserious.

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