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7 Features to Consider When Purchasing a Laptop


7 Features to Consider When Purchasing a Laptop

Sometime last month, I was scouring the internet for a new computer that would fit my tight budget and with just the specifications I needed (can be tough I tell you). For those who may be doing so right now and hoping to save some money with the christmas deals, here are a few things to consider before taking that decision because the right computer can really improve your output and determine the quality of your work atimes.


Display size

This is always a starting point for me because this gives you an idea of the overall size of the computer well except for the Dell XPS that’s stuffing larger screens in smaller bodies which is wonderful for those who like it portable like I do.

If you’re one always on the move and can work wherever you find yourself, size is important and should be considered. If the possibility of taking your laptop along with you wherever you wanted without it serving as a workout equipment, being a nuisance or needing a larger bag appeals to you, then do go with a 13 inch or less.



This is the mastermind behind the running of your laptop and is responsible for performance.

Better CPUs will be able to process more data at quicker speeds though it all depends on what you do with your computer as a Pentium may just be sufficient to run the daily tasks you need without hitches. If you’re into computer games such as FIFA 2017 or playing online casino games, this is the one part you want to take advantage of



These days, 4GB RAM pretty much the lowest spec you should settle for to get your system through the day to day but if you want to be able to run a whole lot of applications at the same time or you intend to access a lot of data at the same time, you may need a bit more. If you intend to edit a lot of photos with your new device, or play games, you should be looking above 4GB of RAM memory can get the job done.


I think at this point, deciding on a storage option is either about quantity or quality. The solid state drives (SSD) are faster than hard disk drives (HDD) and run more silently with less heat. The hard drives on the other hand are are comparably slow and produce more noise and heat but come in larger capacities. A laptop with 500GB HDD storage may most likely cost less than a laptop with 256GB SSD and it’ll be a bit challenging getting one with 512GB SSD and if found, the device may cost a fortune. At this point, it is up to you but do not forget the effect of whichever choice on performance.



USB Type-C may be the rage now, thanks to devices like the new Macbooks or smartphone like the Tecno Phantom 6 but for now, you can make do with a device with a USB 3.0 port. If you are a photographer or into video editing, a memory card slot is important and thus, your chosen laptop should have it. With laptops getting slimmer, HDMI ports are often absent but if this is an essential for you, then do go ahead and pick a laptop that comes with one or you may have to settle for a dongle.



While you want to be able to take your laptop along with you wherever you want and accomplish tasks, you’ll also want it to have a pretty decent battery in order to do so. So in making a laptop purchase, do find out how long it lasts though take it with a pinch of salt as battery longevity is relative. It cannot really be specified as it depends on what is being done with the laptop. So it is possible to have two exact laptops last different hours.




Hmm, I am really not a fan of the touch feature on a laptop but I’ll be objective here because it seems a number of persons do love laptops with touch capability. If your choice laptop can assume a tablet form either by detaching or converting to one, then a touch feature is necessary. But where your laptop can do neither of the two (clamshell), save some money and go for the non-touch option if that is available because you would rarely make use of it after the first month of purchase.


After you’ve decided on what you want, you may need to rank in priority before purchasing because not all options you want may be present in your choice laptop. Decide on which is most important and then go ahead.


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