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With, you can Pay Bills via Chat


With, you can Pay Bills via Chat

If you’re tired of downloading apps, memorizing USSD codes or having to physically pay certain bills by going to the bank, you’ll be glad to know that Kudi may be the help you’ve been searching for.

Kudi is a platform where you can pay bills or make purchases simply by chatting with the bot. Yeah, like your usual Whatsapp, Slack or Messenger conversations with friends, you can get to pay for certain services without hassle.

The aim is to use conversation as the primary tool for paying bills. Kudi – a chatbot, has been trained to understand payment instances such as airtime purchase, DSTV/GOTV and PHCN bill payments so that when you need to perform any of these transactions, all you need to do is chat.

Here’s what using Kudi is going to look like. It is just a chat conversation and voila! your payments or purchases are completed.

Kudi does not require an app before it can be used. It leverages on already existing apps like Facebook Messenger to get payments done. You can reach Kudi here to start making payments.

To can learn more about here.

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