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AI, a 3-Screen Laptop and other Highlights from CES 2017



AI, a 3-Screen Laptop and other Highlights from CES 2017

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 has come to an end and as usual there were some pretty interesting stuff and also some insane stuff there. There was a lot of buzz on AI and connected devices, cars, beds (internet of things) and the manufacturers did not disappoint.

Let’s take a look at some of what we had on display. Shall we?

On the PC Side

Razer Project Valerie

A ‘laptop’ with three screens should be interesting and weighing a little over 5kg you should feel free to take it in to your gym occasionally. Each screen has got a 17-inch 4k display each. It surely is an eye-catching device and is targeted towards the gaming market.

While you may be wondering who would buy this laptop, someone else thought he would get early access and private use as the device was stolen at the end of the show.



best laptops of ces acer predator xAcer Predator 21X

This is another MASSIVE laptop which comes with a 21-inch curved screen (my dad’s TV is actually smaller). It weighs 20 pounds comes with 16G of RAM and 64GB of system memory. I’m really not sure if this should be called a laptop. Another name should be created for this category.



best laptops of ces xps inDell XPS 13 2-in-1

My favorite laptop got an upgrade this year. I was wondering when the touch feature would be an option (not because I’m a fan more like so it ticks all the boxes). The laptop to beat got renamed the Dell XPS 2-in-1 and it comes with a touchscreen which offers support for a stylus. It boasts 7th-generation Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, depending on specs, with integrated Intel HD 615 graphics, up to 16GB of RAM, and a 13.3-inch Full HD, or QHD+ InfinityEdge touch display.


On the Transport Side

Investments, partnerships and purchase of companies with technology to support autonomous vehicles was at a high late last year and the CES shows that there is huge tilt towards autonomous vehicles and even AI in cars. I guess its becoming too much of a big deal to trust humans behind the wheels. Also common with was a very high integration of tech in vehicles.


Toyota Concept-i

This car is expected to come with its own AI- Yui which can take over driving when you do not feel like doing it. So it has both manual driving and autonomous driving options. The AI appears on the car’s screensa nd can interact with voice commands and also show emotions. This concept is due in 2030.



Who doesn’t know BMW right? Well they came along with a new in-car control concept called HoloActive Touch System. The system responds to gestures from drivers on a free-floating display.





Whill Model M

At the CES, there were products with consideration for the disabled. The Whill M from Whill is a wheel chair that allows for navigation over uneven terrains and small spaces (which is a common challenge). The device has three speed modes and a stationary mode so it remains in its position even when someone knocks into it.

Mobile Devices

Sometimes you look at a phone and wonder what more could be crammed into this device. What other wonder do you want this pocket-sized machines to do? Like a mid-range phone today still can serve pretty well. But I like not to underestimate the power of innovation. At the CES, the Asus Zenfone AR was a winner.


The Nokia brand we all once loved announced a new device – Nokia 6. The specs are pretty impressive with a 5.5 inch screen with Gorilla Glass, 64GB on-board storage and a 16 megapixel camera. There’s a reason why the display is in Mandarin. This is because the phone will only be sold in China.

BlackBerry “Mercury”

BlackBerry(well TCL sort of) doesn’t seem to be giving up. It announced the “Mercury” at the show and as the BlackBerry brand is known for, the device was sporting a physical keyboard which had touch sensitivity and also fingerprint sensor.


Asus ZenFone AR

Asus hopes to give as many realities as possible with the Zenfone AR which is the first phone to sport Google Tango and Google Daydream VR platforms. It comes with 8GB of RAM (that is A LOT) and has a high-end  snapdragon chipset.




This is no surprise at all to anyone especially if you have been abreast with developments in the tech industry. Alexa seemed to be the belle of the ball for AI at the CES as it was forging way ahead of its rivals (for now it seems). From your speakers, to refrigerators, to TVs to your phones and many other devices, you see the integration of AI that is geared towards making your life ‘smarter’. AI is going to be huge this year and with various companies also venturing there would also be a lot of options for consumers.


Amazon made its first drone delivery in the UK in December and is working on Prime Air to deliver goods via drone but what about a drone that helps you fish? I guess you’re wondering how that would work. No need to because the guys over at PowerVision already have a drone doing that.


Power Ray

The Power Ray is an underwater drone that can go up to 30 meters under water while recording 4k video streamed to your phone which you use to navigate. Like that’s not enough, it has sonar system that can detect fish up to 40 meters away and lures them with a blue light. The video feed can also be viewed in, and controlled by, VR goggles.



LG OLED W-Series

When there’s a TV as slim as an iPhone, that’s got to be something to talk about.  Thanks to OLED, LG has been able to come up with a TV so slim you just have to hang on the wall like a piece of art. The TV is so thin that all ports/connections have been moved to a sound bar. Its like watching a movie from your wall.

There are still so many other interesting things that I don’t think I can exhaust just like Honda’s self-balancing motorcycle, LEGO robots, a 2 TB flash drive, a jacket that can accommodate 42 gadgets and many more interesting stuff but what were the coolest things you spotted at CES 2017? Let us know!


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