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Yaba: Government Support for Nigeria’s Silicon Valley

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Yaba: Government Support for Nigeria’s Silicon Valley

Tech Hubs the world over, and Silicon Valley in particular, have been the driving force in channeling youth creativity and intelligence into creating viable solutions for the benefit of the immediate and global community. As evidenced by the successes in Silicon Valley, it is important that tech companies receive the kind of support and network structure that challenges them to grow and better themselves. And to experience the kind of growth that invariably translates to better solutions/experiences for the end users.

In the light of what’s happening in California and in Shenzhen, Akinwunmi Ambode, Governor of Lagos State has pledged to support the technological companies and the hubs that networks them. In the tweets below, he has committed to the regeneration of the former Industrial Estate in Sabo-Yaba into a Tech Hub.


Sabo-Yaba is home to some of Nigeria’s biggest tech companies and is known to be the local Silicon Valley. With Andela, CcHub, IdeaHub and other tech entrepreneurs and companies primed to receive some form of government support, the future promises great things for tech in Nigeria.

The governor believes the youth are the driving force for economic growth with the technological innovations they will be creating and/or implementing . With over 50% youth unemployment in the country, this move by the government to support and create enabling environments for tech companies to grow comes at just the right time.

The Lagos State Government will through its Employment Trust Fund provide grants for these companies, hubs and entrepreneurs to grow.

It is great that the state government recognizes the challenges it faces in job creation and looks to support the private bodies that have created working solutions.

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