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News ‘Uber’ for Corporate Executives in Lagos

Lagos is arguably Africa’s most populous city and is the tech and business hub in Nigeria. Home to over 20 million residents, she has her fair share of traffic challenges. To reduce the amount of productivity lost by corporate executives held up in traffic, was created to commute executives to and from work.

Designed to be a public commuter network service, will offer users the option of hailing a bus online or via the mobile app like you would Uber. They will provide convenience and comfort through roadworthy buses outsourced from private companies.

Olujekun Oludayo and Ayodeji Ogunnubi, both of whom run StaffBus, expect the outfit to be profitable from proceeds from the buses and the corporate subscribers. They also offer extra on-demand services such as groceries and laundry pick-up and options for companies (StaffBus Luxe) and individuals (StaffBus Lite).

It is impressive that more people are seeking to provide solutions to our local challenges and is trying to improve work-life balance for people working and/or living in Lagos.

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