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SparkPlug will Give you a Computer and Teach you to Code



SparkPlug will Give you a Computer and Teach you to Code

Technology today is not another different sector but is one that has become a part of our lives. Despite these continuous advancements in tech, Africa is still yet to harness its potential largely due to poverty. It does not mean that there is lack of interest, but often a lack of such opportunity. This opportunity is one that SparkPlug wants to create for young Africans.

SparkPlug is a social enterprise setup to re-purpose old laptops from all over the world by ‘sprucing’ it up with open source technology, videos and material designed to teach Software Engineering.

Laptops which are no longer needed or no longer in use can be donated to help students learn. Before they are given to the students to begin their lessons, the laptops would be wiped clean and installed with Linux – Ubuntu 16.04 operating system and a complete Sparkplug Curriculum including videos and tutorials on Software Engineering.

The curriculum for the programme include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Database and Modeling, Node.js, Automated testing and React.js.

Persons who are interested in the programme apply by stating why they want a laptop and how they will use software to solve an existing problem in their environment. SparkPlug picks the best ideas and passes on the laptop to them.

The students’ progress would be measured periodically to learn more about trends and how to make Sparkplug more effective. Sparkplug will also make the data collated publicly available. The programme also has makes room for volunteers and mentors who are willing to give some of their time to help the students.

The first phase of the programme will take in 30 students after a vetting process and interviews. The 30 students have presently been accepted and applications are presently not open.

On the 9th of February, there will be a soft launch in Lagos by inviting our students and mentors to a meet and greet. The program was announced on January 18, by Olumide Adewumi.



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