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5 Simple Gift Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank this Valentine


5 Simple Gift Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank this Valentine

Valentine is around the corner and some of you are really interested in getting something nice for someone dear this season despite finances not looking to good due to a number of reasons (commonly blamed is the recession). I think the thought is what is really important when giving gifts rather than the gifts. Well, here are a few gift ideas to consider for that friend, sibling or loved one.


1. Amazon Kindle

For that dear person whose love for books seems insatiable or who just wants to have a better reading habit, an Amazon Kindle has proven itself to be the perfect solution. Everytime they read a good book, chances are you’ll cross their mind. Also with the access to the vast Amazon library/bookstore, no title will be off limits. Before doing this though, you should find out if they like eBooks because some people still find it hard to leave their hardcopies.


2. A 3 month (or longer) Internet Subscription

This seems pretty ordinary but I think its something that will be appreciated by one who needs to be connected every time. Yeah internet access is now a basic human rights but in Africa, it is still not easily affordable to half of the continent’s population and where affordable, it still can be crappy. This gift is not something physical that can always be displayed but it is one I believe would be very much appreciated especially with the relatively high cost of affordable internet services. You’ll have them saying, “I remember when I didn’t have to pay for internet”.

You could pay for a 3-month unlimited plan (or longer if you can) for a friend  that is always online whether its for work, a hobby or even taking online courses. Thoughts of you would always cross the receiver’s mind especially during the internet downtime.

3. Fitness band

If your loved one is thinking of running longer distances, losing some pounds or just generally a fit person, a fitness band would be perfect for that friend. The great thing is it comes with a lot of options from the affordable i5 Plus intelligent bracelet, Xiaomi’s Mi Band up to the premium Fitbit. This would make a perfect gift for a friend on the fitness freak. The i5 Plus band can keep track of activities like walking (steps takekn), running and also display reminders for calls and messages.


4. Headphones

Everyone loves music, well that’s what I think. What makes listening to music a whole lot better is a good sound system whether it be speakers or headphones. Headphones will make pretty good gifts this year and Sony has got pretty decent options for great prices.

EXTRA: In addition to this, you can add a gift voucher (since most cards are rejected) for Apple Music, Spotify or any other music streaming site you know.

5. Geeky Shirts

I don’t think it gets simpler than this. Personalized shirts for a techie is one that would be much appreciated and regularly worn (since they seem to only wear t-shirts).

If you think something should be added to our little list, you can leave a comment.


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