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CodeBus Africa Makes a Stop at Abuja

CodeBus Africa


CodeBus Africa Makes a Stop at Abuja

CodeBus Africa, a part of Finland’s 100th independence celebration and the official Finland 100 programme has made a stop at Abuja. The programme which was at Ghana earlier this month, is presently at Abuja and will be organized by the Embassy of Finland, in partnership with the Finnish Aalto University and Ventures Platform.

The programme will bring together African and Finnish innovators in tech and education to organise creative coding workshops for youths in ten African countries between February and May 2017. The project, which is regionally sponsored by the Finnish telecom, Nokia, will place special emphasis on involving girls who still remain underrepresented among the users and creators of technology.

With focus mainly on the young, this innovative activity will consist of creative coding workshops. Students will pair up to learn coding and to produce their own song with the free open-source platform Sonic Pi. Peer support, creative self-expression and a tangible final product are all elements designed to make the learning experience positive and rewarding.

CodeBus Africa workshops aim to help youth see technology as a means of creative self-expression. In the 1-day workshops, youth will get to program an actual project – their own song – together with their friends. A party featuring the students’ original music will wrap up each workshop.

The workshops are free and open for all, targeting especially girls and marginalized youth.

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