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Being a Windows Mobile Fan in 2017


Being a Windows Mobile Fan in 2017

I’m a Windows Mobile fan (yeah there are still people like us) and I’m pretty certain that my support for the platform is not cult-like. I am a huge Nokia fan so it seemed pretty natural to transition to the Lumia devices which ran Windows Mobile. It was very functional and pretty to me and I loved it so much that I successfully initiated my youngest brother into the cult.

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) is ongoing and I’m yet to be impressed by the smartphones. While the BlackBerry brand seems to be grappling with its 0.0% market share by tagging along with the AndroidOS, Windows Mobile seems not to care. There was no announcement made by Microsoft (generally they have their own conferences) or any phone manufacturer showing some sort of support for the platform and that’s understandable since they want to go where they can make profit.

Being a Windows mobile fan can be challenging so I’m going to share what it feels like.

HP Elite X3

HP Elite X3

Hardware Options

After Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia, 95% of Windows devices were from Microsoft. They certainly tried to make options available for various users but it was still sort of limited. Right now, there hasn’t been any new device. At the MWC, the only Windows device on display is the updated HP Elite X3 which was originally released at the 2016 MWC. If you’re a fan and considering an upgrade, you’ll probably have to look for older phones. Back then, you had options from HTC, Lenovo and a few others but that’s no more.


The never ending argument against the platform back in the day was a very limited app store. It was during my use of the Lumia that I came to appreciate third party apps. Apps like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat were actually really slow to appear in the app store and this was huge for social media lovers. For me, productivity was important and I had all the apps I needed. I also noticed that users of Windows didn’t consider social media a priority so the apps they were getting would serve their needs.

Right now, our local apps are barely found in the Windows store. Presently, apps keep launching on just the Android and iOS platforms. Even banking apps which are expected to have all platforms covered often exclude the Windows platform. So far, I only know of Diamond Bank mobile app on the platform which actually stopped working after an app update.


There is still that hopeful feeling that something great is being worked on. Microsoft has been cementing its foot in the hardware space with its surface line so it would be no surprise if we see a surface smartphone. It would be wonderful actually as the studio, pro and surface book have had pretty great reviews and have gotten very good reception so far.


Well, there is the other side that Windows Mobile may have to die an unwanted death. Right now, buying a smartphone seems more about the brand than its functionality because there’s really very little that a smartphone today can’t do so there is the possibility that MS may not want to further venture into that terrain as it may seem a struggle for brand adoption.

The Usual Remarks

Yeah! Before I forget, there’s going to be the occasional remark or question ‘You still use Windows’ or ‘How do you still use Windows’. With the marketshare for Windows dropping, deciding to remain with the device makes you one of the many few still active so do expect those remarks from a lot of people.

PS: My present mobile phone runs an AndroidOS and my brother’s runs Windows.

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