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Brainiacs wants an Increase in STEM

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Brainiacs wants an Increase in STEM

Everyone seems to agree with the importance of Science and Technology in the growth and development of a society. At least, I am quite certain that Lagos state is fully aware of this hence, the CodeLagos Program.

Though there exists Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects in schools, the challenge has often been the lack of practical application and this is where Brainiacs wants to come in.

Braniacs, an educational technology solution provider, offers services in training and enhancement, application and systems development, and support institutions in research and analytics. Their programs provides supplemental skills in  STEM thus, giving participants necessary skills and motivation to take advantage of opportunities in the society today.

Basically, they encourage students to learn STEM in a fun way by running a project-based learning approach to foster team work and also build real solutions to everyday problems. This is important as the existing solutions are not really solving problems in the Nigerian society.

The program has adopted various approaches to allow an inclusive process so that as many people as possible benefit from it. Aware of the low participation of women in STEM, Braniacs also hosts a Women in STEM (WinSTEM) initiative which encourages women and girls to study and build careers in STEM. The platform serves as an avenue for women to connect and discuss various issues faced by them in such fields while providing coaching, mentoring and general support.

Working with schools, Braniacs provides after-school sessions for students in modules such as, robotics, game modding, computer programming & app development and basic electronics. The programs are provided for students as young as 6 years. It is a great idea to introduce tech to kids from a very young age so it stops being viewed as a separate part of our lives. This will allow room for them to play with it and later on be able to make innovations.

Braniacs which commenced in August 2015 has gradually grown and presently operates in Lagos, Jos and Kaduna. There are also plans being made  to set up in Abuja.


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