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This is seemingly the best time to be a developer in the country. With products being launched on international news platforms and having the continent’s best being scouted by the Big Guns in the Tech Space, beautifully functional products are being created.

With each passing month, developers are solving both local and international problems. There are collaborating and/or having meet-ups to inspire and network people of shared interest. Over the past years, Nigerian tech companies have raised millions of dollars in funding to scale. More opportunities and funds are being made available for solutions that embraces Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The highlights in this post contains just what you might need to be informed of recently released products/solutions and be inspired to create yours. No buts, excuses or complaints. These are some of the reasons BOTs are the new rave and why you should jump on them:


BBC just launched a BOT built by NIgerian developers after putting up a challenge late last year. Newschatta was developed by Codulab – a Nigerian Tech Company and runs on WeChat Messenger. Newschatta sends relevant news/stories to users based on their inputs using key words and topics to generate them. Find more details here.


Facebook has a $40,000 BOT Challenge for African Developers and CoLab is having a BOT party in light of this. If you want to experience what it takes to build a bot, then CoLab – Kaduna’s first Innovation Hub and Coworking Space – is the place to be. Fresh off meeting with Facebook’s CTO, Chris Cox, Sanusi Samaila is full of lessons to share and inspire just about anybody towards victory. Sign up here.


RoadPreppers created an amazing BOT named Lara. Asides having a really simple and an easy-to-remember name, Lara is the best Direction’s Assistant you can have. She’s designed for commuting within Lagos and is so simple to use it’s ridiculous. Not only do you get the “how” to get from wherever you are to where you need to be, Lara also provides detailed estimates on the transport fare, breaking them down per bus/cab drop. Check her out here.

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