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Will Truppr be a Facebook for the Workoutholic and FitFam?

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Will Truppr be a Facebook for the Workoutholic and FitFam?

I enjoy sports and love working out so I’m often taking a look at workout apps to see what they offer. I’ve had to download quite a number over the years just to see if there’s something better out there but, I’ve been pretty loyal to one for about four years now. This does not stop me from still trying out new apps to see what could improve. One thing was common amongst all the fitness apps I used. They were not Nigerian and routines could be done alone.

When I saw Truppr, I was curious but never really went ahead with the download. I followed them on Twitter and just observed what they did. They have a pretty decent social media presence by the way which is also engaging. I didn’t pay much attention till they came up with the 2-week plank challenge. I immediately downloaded the app to be a part of the programme because, the regular doughnuts and meatpies at work are gradually taking a toll and, something has got to assist with this creeping belly fat.

Truppr takes a very different approach from most fitness apps I have come across. It does not come preset with a workout routine to follow or adjust as one feels. It is a ‘team spotter’, a platform for one to find people interested in similar sports or workouts so you can engage in the activity as a group.

After the sign up, one thing you almost notice is that there is a whole lot going on in the app. A lot! From the ‘Explore’ you swipe left for about 8 times before you finally get to the end of all pages. The app lets you make new friends, find teammates and fitness partners, organise amateur sporting events, listen to their podcasts and also has a one-stop shop where sports items and gears are sold.


You can add friends and also chat with them, all within the app. Truppr takes a very social approach to fitness depending largely on communal relations for growth. Unlike a number of fitness apps that are used individually, Truppr thrives on a community. Impact is better felt when there are people working (out) together. So if you’ve been looking to find a fitness partner or join a fitfam do go ahead and try Truppr.

The Facebook market equivalent for me is the Truppr store. Fitness clothings, gadgets and gears are sold in the store at great prices, sometimes at a discount and this I believe also encourages members to use the platform. I for one am encouraged and waiting to snag a deal. The store however seems sparse presently.

For those who have struggled to stick to some workout routine, you can find out that having a partner may make it easier to follow through and this could be a great app to achieve your fitness goals by meeting like-minds. So go ahead and download the app and also add new friends that can help with your goal or join interest groups.


Truppr is no new app but has been in existence since 2014. I found out about them last year. Also, I dropped out after the first day of the plank challenge after I realized I overestimated my strength.


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