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nHub: To Space and Beyond


nHub: To Space and Beyond

The hubs in Northern Nigeria seem to have a lot lined up for the second quarter of the year. With CoLab having hosted an incredibly impressive bot party towards the end of the last quarter, nHub will, for the second year running, host NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge.

This is a program that brings software developers, builders, makers, scientists, designers and just about any enthusiast interested in building applications of mutual benefit and with multi-functionality for both Earth and Space. Last year’s edition saw ten teams participate to proffer solutions in the Aerospace, Solar System, and Technology fields. The winning team – Team Ivory – developed an AI powered Asteroid Detector that could be used to detect and possible stop potentially dangerous meteors headed to Earth. How cool is that?

The Challenge for this year is themed “Earth” and will hold globally between the 29th and 30th of April, 2017. There are five categories:

  • The Earth and Us
  • Planetary Blues
  • Warning! Danger Ahead!
  • Our Ecological Neighbourhood and
  • Ideate and Create

Teams will be asked to combine the NASA Earth Science Data, analyze and visualize, monitor and or design solutions (more details here). Applications are set to open in the coming days and participating teams are advised to show up with laptops and any other tool that will aid them. The hub will produce uninterrupted power and high speed internet.

Having stopped by CoLab for the “Developer Hangout: Development with ReactJS”, it seems nHub aren’t solely focused on building software (and hardware) but are also fostering the relationships and networks that should make both Jos and Kaduna, in terms of tech, your next best stop. nHub is the first technological center in Northern Nigeria – Plateau State – providing software development, training and empowerment.

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