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Kaduna State has Launched its Citizens FeedBack App


Kaduna State has Launched its Citizens FeedBack App

The Kaduna State Government has launched what it calls the “Kaduna Citizens Feedback App”. The app is expected to serve as a means of communication between the government and the residents of the State on the status of various ongoing projects.

How it Works

Once the app is opened, a splash screen loads projects within a 2km radius of the user. Users then select any project they are interested in from the summary project panes or, search through the “categories list”. If your location is turned off you’ll be unable to access any information as you’ll remain on just the splash screen. Where a project is not listed, the user can add the project to the app.


The limitation of users to only view projects within a 2km radius is a feature that I do not really like. I personally would want to have access to all the projects going on in the state so I can view whatever I want but that is not possible. I would also like to be able to view projects in my area even when I am am out of my area or in another city.


Once a project is selected, information is pulled from the database and supplied to the user. The basic information about the project such as the contractor responsible, status  and date of the project is made available.

To make  a comment on the project, the user selects the “report project” and then he gets to fill in the data or his opinion on the status of the actual ongoing work. He can comment on the level of execution or the status of the project. Photo and video uploads are also possible on the app.


Users who have made a review are to provide their names and email addresses along with the project reviewed so that they can get feedback on whatever action has been taken on the said project. Submissions are reviewed in a coordination center.

Hopefully the state’s residents would really make use of the app to improve governance.

The app is presently available on Android and iOS.

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