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Payant Bot lets you send invoices, transfer money & more from Facebook Messenger, Slack & Skype


Payant Bot lets you send invoices, transfer money & more from Facebook Messenger, Slack & Skype

From its humble beginnings as a web-based invoicing app for freelancers, small, medium and large businesses in January, Payant has been pushing boundaries in the payment space, by adding features and extending its usefulness to its customers at no extra cost. Since it’s launch in January, it has added the ability to act as a gateway across several technology stacks, launched its Payant Checkout app to replace Point Of Sale (POS) terminals at physical stores and today, it’s adding a yet another new arsenal to its army of features–bots. Payant Bot to be specific.

The Payant Bot, which is now available on Facebook Messenger, Skype and Slack, allows you create and manage your clients, send invoices and transfer funds instantly, from right within your chat window using conversational language across the three platforms mentioned above.

To get started, add the bot to your plarform of choice here.

Here’s one more video, showing the Payant Bot in action.


Payant was built by 20 year-old, Kaduna based developer, Aminu Bakori, famous for building his own OS – Cloudiora, and some other products including: Buzz – an offline, video and chat messenger and document sharing app, and  Friendstie Enterprise Management System. In a chat with him at CoLab where he’s based, he stated that Payant was inspired by user behaviour data, feedback and suggestions from his EMS clients, who use the invoicing module a lot.

Payant’s other key features include: instant payments (i.e being credited the same instance a payment is made), and the ability to receive payments from anywhere in the world to your Naira account also instantly (huge deal if you are a regular on freelancing sites), and automated payment reminders. The ability to make frictionless one-off payments to pretty much anyone as well is also super cool.

Aminu says he’s working on a few more additions to the product, including a full mobile app for android and iOS.

...half genius, half unserious.

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