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Tecno Camon CX Review

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Tecno Camon CX Review

With each new product, the Tecno customer base grows and I think that is about to get a lot larger with the Camon CX. If you read our unboxing of Camon CX, then I believe you’ve been expecting our review on this much touted phone.

I’ve played around with the Camon C9 so I’m not entirely new with Tecno devices. Having used the Camon CX for about a week now, here’s what I think;


Your first thought upon seeing this device – “BEAUTIFUL”. You have to give it to Tecno here, the design team did pay a lot of attention. The Camon CX is a looker and the design, the most common area of compliment by all who saw it, was well done. Its quite strange as there seems to be nothing closely related to the Camon C9 which is its predecessor.

The CX comes in a really smooth full metal body and our review unit had a “rose-gold” colour which added to its sleek look. The sim card tray is on the left side of the phone, while the memory card tray is on the right. This is good news as you don’t have to choose between extra memory or another sim card. The volume and lock buttons are also on the right side of the phone.

Something that may be easily overlooked which I really do like is the mesh-like feel of the lock button which makes it feel more than just an extra smooth button on the finger.

The device also sports a fingerprint sensor which is placed just behind the phone above the “Tecno” just as is common with Android devices This fingerprint is really accurate and fast at unlocking the phone.

Display and Sound

CXThe Tecno Camon CX sports a 5.5-inch full HD IPS Touch Display (1920 x 1080 resolution) which gives really sharp images.It gets really bright but once you take it outdoors, there’s a lot of glare and images are not so sharp. Having really sensitive eyes, I’m always looking out for how my eyes responds to the lowest level of brightness and gladly, it was pleasant.

The CX has its speakers located at the bottom and can get really loud however, the sound quality gets distorted once the volume is really high. If you try it out with a decent pair of headphones, you’d love how loud it gets.

OS and Performance

The Camon CX comes with Android 7 (Nougat) and Tecno’s custom OS, HiOS. HiOS does not really appeal to me. It just seems to have so much going on. Nougat’s split screen (multitasking) feature was no trouble at all, thanks to the screen size but I don’t see myself using that a lot.

Some of the pre-installed apps you’d find on the CX like most other Tecno devices include, Boomplay, Tecno custom ‘Hi apps’ (Hi Theme, Hi Cloud and Hi Manager), Facebook, Opera Mini, Instagram, and Messenger.  You will have to download Whatsapp yourself though.

Performance-wise, I was impressed at first and then I began to notice lags. I thought it was a glitch but it became sort of a common reoccurence even when I had only 6 apps running. Before you conclude that they were really heavy, here they are -gmail, Classic Words, Contacts, Twitter, WhatsApp and Seven (a workout app). On two occasions, my apps crashed. After I deleted a few apps and did a restart, the phone seemed back to normal and  everything was running smoothly again.

Transitions between screens and apps are smooth, and while you may notice some frame drops here and there, particularly when playing games, the device isn’t laggy.

One major feature which I totally dislike is the fact that I cannot turn off the “Headlines” news.


The Tecno Camon line is majorly about the camera as can be seen from the “Camon” inscribed on the pack and at the back of the phone. With a 16megapixel front and back camera which both have flash, shots taken would be expected to be great. 

Front camera (normal mode)

The camera seems to do a great job with scenery more than that of people. However, the beauty mode does give fine photos. Here are a few shots.

Front camera (beauty mode)

Zoomed in village setting


The Camon CX relies on a 3200mAh non-removable battery to keep it running. From zero, you’ll get a full charge in about 2.5 hours. For the first four days, I was fully connected via Wi-Fi and on full charge, the battery lasted a day and half on average while running usual apps like Gmail, Twitter, Facebook and Chrome. While using cellular network, the battery was able to stretch to about 10 hours each day. You’ll definitely need a charge at the end of the dat.

In the event you want to squeeze more hours out of your device, there’s a heartbeat sync option that lets you pause apps when the device is asleep and an ultra low battery mode that shuts down everything but calls, SMS, alarms, sound recording calculator and notebook to further extend the battery life, if you need to really push it.


The Camon CX is a great device from Tecno, you just have to give it to them. Despite the size, I found no issue using the device with one hand and this for me is huge because I like my smartphones not exceeding 4.7′. On the performance side, I would have loved to see the base ram at 3gb. However, the CX still is a great device for its price.

The CX comes with a year long warranty and also a screen replacement for your device if it cracks within 3 months of purchase. Since I cracked mine the first day I got it, I can very well say that the replacement option will come in handy.

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