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Online Payment Methods that are the Most Favorable for Gamers


Online Payment Methods that are the Most Favorable for Gamers

There are now hundreds of different payment methods that you can use online, though only a few take up the majority of the market. The big names in alternate payments like PayPal are enjoying a massive influx of traffic thanks to online gamers. In this article, we’ll be talking about some of the online payment methods out there and why they are proving popular.


This is the biggest payment provider on the market and it’s commonly used by gamers. PayPal casinos are some of the most common around and this payment method is often the easiest to you. This payment method comes with an app to track your purchases and it can be used for withdrawals too, which isn’t universal across all payment methods.

With this payment method, players are able to store their regular card details and then make payments that are more secure. This is seen as one of the most convenient ways to make your payments, as you don’t really have to do a lot of extra work to protect yourself. Even when using public Wi-Fi this payment method can add a bit of additional protection on PayPal casinos.

Other eWallets, such as Neteller, take up less than a third of the market that PayPal does. This is still a substantial chunk of the playing public but it simply can’t catch up to the veteran in this case.

Vouchers and Prepaid Services

These somewhat more involved payment methods exist to separate the link between payment method and merchant. To use these, the player buys a voucher or tops up a prepaid card then transfers the money off of this. This is preferable to many players that don’t have a voucher that they can use online or want to remain more anonymous.

On mobile gambling apps that accept different payment methods players will usually find some of these voucher and prepaid services. They can be offered by quite a few different providers, so there can be a mix of different brands associated with them. The usual issue with these are that you are unable to withdraw using them but the security of paying in cash and redeeming online is huge.

Phone Bill Payments

Arguably one of the smaller market shares out there, paying with your phone bill is also a handy option for players. This comes with pros and cons too, which is a common theme among these payment methods. Its largest advantage is the fact that it can be done directly from your mobile phone, just by responding to a quick text.

Many mobile networks allow for this payment method, though it still only accounts for a small percentage of the overall number of online transactions.

These are the main providers of payments on the internet and as more players become aware of their security, they are likely to just get even bigger. The fact that more people are interested in their security is great and this trend should be set to continue in the long run.

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