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Glo’s Data Subscription now has a Requirement



Glo’s Data Subscription now has a Requirement

Glo Nigeria which has one of the lowest data costs seems to have modified its subscription pattern for its data plans. A lot of people are very unhappy and confused as no prior communication was made to its customers (which I am one of).

Glo states that there has been no reduction in the data volume given to customers. However, there are a few conditions to be met in order to enjoy the usual data volume.

According to them, to enjoy the same data volume, customers should have activated auto renewal of the subscription or re-subscribe within 3 days. Any subscription made after 3 days would give the user half the data volume usually gotten.

Irrespective of whether the subscription is for a higher or lower data plan, once subscribed for within three days, you’re entitled to the complete amount of data.

Despite what was stated, I subscribed to a plan 2 days after the expiration of my plan and was given half the data I usually got. I was not the only one who experienced this as their social media pages have been saddled with complaints from users.

I think this approach is a way to get customers to continually pay for their data but it could have been done a whole lot better. The lack of prior notification on their part was a huge error which should have been avoided by all means. However, they should sort out the issues with subscribers still not getting full data eve after meeting the conditions.

One thing is for sure, if this continues, Glo may have to deal with loss of customers as the cheap cost of their data plans remains one of their strongest points.

You can find out more about their data rates and requirements here.

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