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Is ETX’s Trader Pro App the Future of Online Trading?


Is ETX’s Trader Pro App the Future of Online Trading?

I am an experienced trader with a fairly extensive financial portfolio. I have been skeptical about using apps to trade, and as I actually enjoy the process of trading I felt reluctant to change an approach which has served me well. Having said that, I downloaded the ETX Trader Pro App with an open mind. I realise the advancements in technology are constantly saving people time and money and I felt that I needed to ‘take the plunge’ and explore a new method of trading. I had heard mixed reports of competitor apps; ETX’s were consistently positive.


App Design

Although I’m not exactly a technophobe, I do sometimes struggle to navigate around apps on my phone. So I felt a little apprehensive as I took my first steps into ETX Trader Pro. However, I instantly felt at ease with the intuitive, user-friendly design. Instead of having to take time to ‘figure it out’, the app automatically guides you through as you open it up for the first time. Having an iPhone, I was delighted that I could use the TouchID function to open up the app; this meant that my information was secure, but available at the touch of a button.


Features and Benefits

When signing up for the first time, you are asked about your investment history, and are then advised about whether or not the more advanced level of trading offered within this app is for you; this ensures those with less trading experience fully understand the level at which this app operates.

The app offers incredibly easy access to markets; the layout means comparisons can be made and markets searched for within a few taps. Whilst the popular markets watchlist is available from the homescreen, I also have quick access to Forex, Indices, Equities, Commodities and Bonds/Interest rates – all within the palm of my hand. It is remarkable to have access to all these different trading options in one place, and very easy to keep tabs on options that spark my interest. Price alerts and transaction history are also readily available, meaning you can keep a close watch on your investments.


The Future or a Flash in the Pan?

Having used this app for a few weeks now, I can honestly say that it has transformed the online trading experience for me. Every aspect of this app – from creating a watchlist to adding funds to your account – is effortless. It is liberating to be able to trade on the go, and I now realise how efficient and time-saving trading can be; the ETX Trader Pro App does the hard work for you. The future of online trading? I think it might well be.

What are your thoughts on using an app to trade? Do you think apps could be the future of online trading?

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