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Get to Know Your Hometown with

A number of Nigerians who have grown up in various cities like Lagos, Abuja, Jos, Kaduna, Kano and Enugu but are not indigenes of that city usually find themselves unaware and uninformed about their hometown, its culture and tradition.

I am from Anambra State and have only visited the state thrice. I for one am unaware of the various traditions and festivities of my hometown. I am interested in finding out information but asides word of mouth, there’s very little you can find online. So you have to often trust that what you are told is actually fact.

Goodnews! It looks like that is about to change thanks to is a website that provides information on Nigerian hometowns by letting us know about the events, cultures and traditions of various locations based on regions. Information on tribes are even provided for on the platform. I am expecting researchers to find this site useful.

For those who have been interested in tourism or travelling the country so as to attend one traditional festival or the other, this seems like it is going to be a really helpful site. There’s an ‘events area’ which gives you information on the various festivities and the dates when each one will be happening.


Beyond the general information which is provided on the platform, there is also a store where local artworks are sold. I think this is a good avenue to showcase various talents. Paintings, carvings or sculpted works and branded clothing will be available on the platform. As a lover of travelling, I’m really interested in this site and its impact on tourism in Nigeria as I can already see the role this site will play in improving tourism within Nigeria.

Having information about an area and its people beyond just stereotypes can lead to increased interests in such places. The site does remind me just a little about SPOTS which was designed by’s interns. I’m personally happy about this because it seems like we’ll finally have our traditions and culture documented and easily accessible to everyone.

Information on the platform looks like it would be crowdsourced however, I’m presently unaware if such information would be curated before being made visible to the public. If you think information about your area/locale is missing, all you need to do is, create an account on the site and go ahead to add such information.

Some events are already slated for summer so, put on your sunhats and decide on your next location.

A sports and nature lover, art enthusiast and rookie globe trotter. I'm also in love with Africa, tech and politics.

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