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‘Google for Jobs’ will help you find your Next Job



‘Google for Jobs’ will help you find your Next Job

Hey guys, so at this year’s I/O, Google announced ‘Google for Jobs’, a new new company-wide initiative focused on helping both job seekers and employers, through collaboration with the job matching industry.

Google’s intention with this initiative is, to make it easier for job seekers to find job ads on Google Search and also for employers to easily list job openings. Basically, you should be able to find your next job just with the Google Search. Here’s how it works

  1. Type in the kind of job you want, e.g. program manager, trainer etc
  2. Review the list of results, rolling your mouse over each one so that more information pops up.
  3. Click on the button to visit the actual job posting on its origin site so you can apply.

It still feels like a normal search result to me. Here’s what popped up when I typed ‘program manager Kaduna’

google jobs


One great thing about this for employers and site owners is, posting job contents will allow their sites to be prominently displayed in the new job search feature on Google which will also lead to an increased chance of your site being discovered.

Job postings which are displayed on the search result automatically leads to your site becoming more visible on Google search

It’s an interesting product and with Nigeria’s unemployment rate at 14.2% as at 2016, this tool will be really helpful however, the poor adoption of tech by a large number of businesses may not really pay off as jobs are still largely advertised offline and mostly through word of mouth.

Hopefully, this finds a way to push businesses to adopt tech solutions as basic as just having a functional website.


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