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The Most Forward-Thinking Auto Apps

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The Most Forward-Thinking Auto Apps

The range of apps available for both iOS and Android have developed rapidly over the last five or more years, especially in the auto niche. Many of these now use near field communication (NFC) to link with how these apps work. From controlling the music, you listen to from your phone through your car stereo to using it as a sat-nav, there are many forward-thinking apps out there for use with your car.

iOS 11

For the latest iOS update, iOS 11 which is due to be released in autumn 2017, iPhones will begin hiding messages once phone users are driving. The special ‘Do Not Disturb for Driving’ mode will realise when a phone is connected to a car via Bluetooth or using a cable. When it then senses that a vehicle is moving it will trigger the do not disturb mode. This shows just a blank screen on your phone so you will not be distracted by messages flashing up or alerts, while sending an automatic reply. Only if select people reply with the word ‘urgent’ will you get a notification, and Apple Maps will still work for navigation purposes.


using a dash cam are the latest technology to start taking over cars. These are used to record journeys primarily to provide concrete evidence should you be involved in a crash which isn’t your fault. There are many cameras available but with the Carcorder app it is much cheaper. Not just simply videoing your journey, it tracks the car’s location and informs you when you’re breaking the speed limit. Be sure to place it safely on the dashboard to not get distracted when driving.


Transferring your Android interface to your dashboard is possible with the Dashdroid app. This avoids drivers using their phones when behind the wheel. The dash app can be customised so eight simple buttons can be brought up, whether you need to use the maps app, voice command to call someone or Spotify music. The time, weather and your current speed are also displayed for reference. Its simple design makes it easy to not use and avoid being distracted.

HPI Check

Checking the MOT history of your vehicle through smart apps supplied by HPI Check mean that you can inspect the history of a car you’re considering buying with just your smartphone. Rather than waiting until after viewing the car you can check factors such as if there’s any outstanding finance, the vehicle has been recorded as stolen, previously written off, had a number plate change or other checks. This provides some great price negotiating points to use.


There’s nothing worse than running out of fuel, especially in a strange area. GasBuddy informs you of nearby fuel stations and their costs, so you can see how far away the nearest one is or work out the most cost-effective option. The app is free and you can submit information to keep it updated, a good example of community and technology helping the auto industry.

These auto apps are all incredibly useful and use some of the latest smart technology to make driving and looking after your car easy.


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