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3 reasons why Android is better than iOS


3 reasons why Android is better than iOS

Debating between Android and iOS? The debate ends here. If you are ready to buy a new smartphone or other devices, Android is the premier option to go with. These are a few reasons you will love what you get with Android, more so than is the case with iOS.

1. Price
From the actual cost of the smartphones and devices, to cost of apps, you will save quite a bit of money with Android. As a matter of fact, most of their apps are free. Further, if you go through a contract provider, you can find many which allow you to pay off the price of your new device over several months or years, without incurring interest. So you pay much less over the lifetime of ownership with these devices.

2. Customisation
If you want to put apps in different locations, run on different software programs, install ROM, or install new hardware programs, go ahead and do so. With iOS you are extremely limited, and can only use their programs/software. With Android, what you see is what you get, and what you prefer, is fully customisable. So go ahead and choose what you like, how you want to see/use it, and virtually set up your devices any way you deem fit as a user.

3. You choose your OS
Yes, you can add ROM and other expandable features. But with Android, you can even install the OS of choice. Form Sailfish to Firefox, the choice is yours. Simply install, add up the updates when prompted to do so, and you are ready to browse on any platform you like best.

Android offers more, gives you control of the reigns, and offers far more reasonable pricing. So why not give one of their devices a shot if you are an iOS user, and ready for something new? If you would like to know more about the types of android phones available then visit

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