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The Best PS4 Bundles Available


The Best PS4 Bundles Available

These are exciting times for PS4 fanatics as there are now more affordable PS4 deals than ever before. Notably, there’s a high turnover of the newest PS4 bundles with prices and availability changing quickly. As such, it is important that you grab a nice PS4 bundle when you see one. The PS4 is now obtainable in various forms as Sony has now sold tens of millions of consoles and released the grand PlayStation 4 Pro as well as many top-end games such as Call of Duty and Infinite Warfare among others. Here are the best PS4 deals at the moment:


The PS4 Slim

There’s something that makes the new-fangled PS4 Slim one of the best cheap PS4 deal available in the UK. The PS4 Slim is not only slimmer, but also noiseless, smaller and more energy efficient. It launched only recently (September 2016) going for a reasonable £310 (1TB) and £259 for the 500GB package and the prices are going down each passing month. It is an effective replacement to the older PS4 as prices of the Slim model are now more inexpensive than the original PS4. This means that with the PS4 Slim, you would pay less for a more refined technology.

PlayStation 4 Pro

Going for £370, the PlayStation 4 Pro is worth every penny. It comes with a bigger horsepower, the incredible 4K display and a massive 1TB hard drive. The older games such as Black Ops III and Battlefield I look much better on PlayStation 4 Pro, particularly if you have a HDR 4K television. It also comes with newly launched games like Watch Dogs 2 and Dishonoured 2. The best way to acquire a cheap PS4 is purchasing a bundle with some additional games or additional hardware. While these are the current best PS4 bundle deals in the country, be sure to land here from time to time as these deals are updated regularly on this page.

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