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The iPhone 8 may cost $1000 and it’s all Samsung’s fault

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The iPhone 8 may cost $1000 and it’s all Samsung’s fault

The iPhone 8 will allegedly be unveiled during Apple’s September 12th event and as is expected, everyone waits anxiously to see what the phone will eventually look like. Based on the rumored features (bezel-less 6 inch screen, no home button, face recognition unlock that can unlock with the lights off using an infrared heat sensor), many molds have been released and supposed leaks of the finished product have been paraded all over the internet. One of the featured hardware changes includes an OLED screen for the first time on an Apple device as opposed to their usual LCD screen. That particular bit is what excites me the most since it means the iPhone will have better color production with darker blacks and it means the screen will consume less power since OLED screens only light up the individual pixels on the screen that need to be lit. The screen is indeed a big deal. It is also the one part that will push the iPhone pass the $1000 mark.

Samsung is the manufacturer of the Apple display panels and have been for a while. Samsung is a market leader when it comes to display tech thus the reason for Apple tapping them to produce their screens for them. Allegedly though, for some reason this year, Samsung is supposedly charging Apple between $120-$130 per OLED screen  which is approximately $75 more than the 5.5-inch LCD module price. That is super hefty indeed. Apple is also supposedly seeking new OLED manufacturers to supply their next batch of OLED screens for the next iteration of the iPhones, due to the high price tag of the Samsung screens.

So, if by September 12th the iPhone 8 is unveiled with the starting price of $1000, you know who to blame.

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