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What to Look for when Choosing a Payment Service Provider for your Online Store


What to Look for when Choosing a Payment Service Provider for your Online Store

With so many new and well-established eCommerce payment service providers out there, selecting a payment gateway service that’s right for your online business may seem like an easy task, but it can actually be challenging when you don’t know where to start. To help you get it right the first time, here, written in collaboration with PayU, are very important aspects you should consider in order to pick the right payment service provider for your online store.


Payment methods

Before deciding on a payment gateway for your online store it’s good to have already listed which payment methods you need. If you sell your products to more than one country, find out which payment methods are the most preferred by your audience. The payment service provider you select must have the payment methods you need and you should ensure they are able to offer a multilingual payment page if you cater to international customers.



Good support

Without good support, you’re at risk of losing customers, especially when money is involved. With this in mind, find a payment service provider that you can easily reach. Its support team must be reachable 24/7 to be able to immediately tackle any issues that may arise. Find a good service provider you can reach via chat, email and phone because it’s an important aspect for the success of your online store.

Mobile first

Research indicates that more and more people are accessing the internet from a tablet or smartphone rather than a desktop, therefore if you plan on having a successful online store you absolutely have to make your website mobile compatible, including the payment options from your payment service provider.


“Mobile first is about designing, developing and marketing for a great mobile experience first and then scaling this up so whatever device your audience is using they always get a great experience and impression of your business, because you will also be using the best business software there is, and if you are not yet, their Tumblr is here for more info” explains ExtraDigital.



This is a very important aspect to look at when choosing a payment service provider as you can’t compromise on security when dealing with payment details. There are different ways to check how secure a payment service provider is. One of the important security standards is the use of an SSL certificate, which ensures that customers’ private information is encrypted. This ensures that transaction data can’t be intercepted.

Look for a good service provider that can offer your customers easy payment solutions, as it’s an important aspect for the success of your online business. This guide will make selecting the right service provider for your business easier, but you should trust your instincts too.



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