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InterC is on a death spiral…Again


InterC is on a death spiral…Again

InterC Networks, a reincarnation of of Intercellular Networks, the very first CDMA network in Nigeria and one of the first CDMA networks to go under a couple of years ago, appears to be going under in its reincarnated form again according to sources who are familiar with the matter.


The first signs of trouble were evident around February-March 2017 when they cancelled their 250GB “unlimited plan” (which we raved about) that cost N19,000 in favour of two new “unlimited” plans costing N17,500 and N32,500 for 150GB and 300GB respectively. At the time, our source told us the new plans were not a result of consensus, but a poorly thought decision by a “section of the executives.”


Between February and November 2017, when they eventually scrapped the unlimited plans all together, the network, while still among the best ones in terms of speed, was prone to frequent outages (as frequent as every week at some point), and also got slower thanks to a decision to switch their backhaul provider to a cheaper, slower one according to sources.


Finally, starting about two weeks ago, their site, while still up and running, has stopped selling plans as attempting to subscribe to a plan redirects you to their self service portal (update: Plans are now being sold again) and for those who still have data, the service has been slow and epileptic at best with the network down more often than not.


Efforts to reach their management for a comment, were not responded to as at the time of writing this post, however, a source familiar with the matter, claims that the current situation are a result of a series of bad management decisions. We were also reliably informed that a huge chunk of the staff have been let go.


While we have been able to confirm the downsizing from a secondary source, the allegations of mismanagement would be hard to confirm from the outside. It is worth noting that the current economic situation across the country has made it difficult for many businesses across sectors.


However, while it’s unclear whether InterC’s current death spiral is truly a case of mismanagement or whether they have just fallen victim to the current state of the Nigerian economy, what is clear at this point, is that they seem to be going the way they went before they relaunched–under.

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