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How Technology is Boosting Private Jet Travel


How Technology is Boosting Private Jet Travel

Technology has changed many areas of our daily lives and it rules both our downtime and our business hours, from the way we relax to the way we work. However, one area that has seen real technological advancements is travel.

From electronic boarding passes all the way to automated self-driving cars, technology has changed the way we get around. One aspect of travel for which this is particularly rings true is private jets. Here are the ways technology has revolutionised and made travelling by private jet more accessible.

Greater Online Presence and Greater Competition

As a result of technology and digital marketing, many private jet companies have increased their online presence. This has led to greater competition which in turn, has resulted in more competitive prices.

Where chartering a private jet has long been for the rich and elite, lower prices have made flying in style more accessible for the majority, especially with the availability of cheap empty leg flights – these are return flights with no passengers.

More Convenient Booking

While large commercial airlines have been using technology to enhance the booking and check-in system for a while, more private jet companies are beginning to follow suit.

With apps, private jet customers can now choose their flight (including departure and arrival airports), select their aircraft and view all of their journeys with just a tap, making the booking process much more convenient.

In addition, some private jet services are now available via a subscription service. This technology-focussed business model allows users to book a certain number of flights per month for a pre-paid fee.

More Convenient and Comfortable Flights

Finally, technology has made improvements to the overall flight experience. For passengers, this is important for two reasons: convenience and comfort.

In terms of convenience, technology on board can ensure that flyers have constant access to the internet – this may be particularly important to those travelling for business, as it allows users to complete work during the flight. While for comfort, developments in aircraft technology mean better controls, resulting in a smoother flight.

Essentially, technology has made the private jet experience even more enjoyable, while also helping to reduce prices through an increase in competition, all of which has contributed to making flying via private jet more accessible. Because of this, chartering a private jet is no longer just for CEOs and celebrities and it is arguable that as technology makes further changes in this sector, accessibility will continue to increase.

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