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Breaking Down the E-cigarette


Breaking Down the E-cigarette

Having revolutionised the smoking culture in nearly all the countries in which they have been introduced, e-cigarettes are taking over as the new and improved way of smoking, or ‘vaping’. These technological innovations were first patented by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik in 2003, and have steadily risen to prominence ever since they were introduced to the market. If you have ever wondered how e-cigarettes work, here is a look at some of the main parts which all e-cigarettes contain.


An e-cigarette wouldn’t be an e-cigarette if it didn’t have a healthy dose of electricity flowing through it. Instead of burning tobacco with a flame, e-cigarettes vaporise a liquid (usually propylene glycol) which is then inhaled by the user. The lithium battery provides the power to do this, and every e-cigarette comes with its own, although quality can vary.

The battery is charged by plugging the e-cigarette into a power socket, and is understandably one of the most crucial elements of any e-cigarette. They are replaceable, and many more experienced vapers like to customise their e-cigarettes by choosing their own.


The atomiser works in conjunction with the battery to heat the vaping liquid. The heat is generated when the user inhales on the e-cigarette, which causes the atomiser to heat up and vaporise the liquid which sits in the chamber of the e-cigarette. It is a small metal cylinder, and usually needs replacing after a certain amount of use.

There are also cartomizers and clearomizers which work on the same principle as atomisers (heating up liquid) but have some subtle differences which affect the way the e-cigarette works. Clearomizers, for example, usually hold more vaping liquid, and contain a silica wick which soaks it up.


The cartridge is the part of the e-cigarette which is most often replaced, as it contains the liquid (juice) which is eventually inhaled as vapour by the user. Nowadays there are numerous flavours of vaping liquid available on the market, as well as numerous different types of cartridges to choose from.

Cartridges usually need to be cleaned fairly regularly to prevent them from clogging up with old vaping juice and mixing up flavours, although this is not necessary for disposable e-cigarettes.

These are the main components which make up e-cigarettes. Nearly all the parts can be replaced and customised, meaning that avid vapers can enjoy personalising their vaping experience and getting the most out of their e-cigarette.




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