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How technology is changing the way people gamble?


How technology is changing the way people gamble?

The gambling industry has witnessed tremendous growth and development by incorporating the latest technologies to provide the best user experience for the gamblers. The Internet was the first breakthrough technology which transformed the gambling industry altogether. Online Casinos are gaining in popularity as they are very user-friendly and allow users to play their favourite casino games in the comfort of their home.

Many online betting and poker sites were launched after the year 2000 when the internet began to function in full-swing. During 2012, the revenue from online gambling industry was alone worth $4 billion. Mobile betting apps have also become quite popular and many of them allow players to place in-play bets and enjoy the live streaming of various sports events. It gives gamblers much more control while placing their bets and they don’t have to travel to the actual venue of the sports event.

The Online casinos like offer an extensive selection of games and allow gamblers to place their bets from wherever and whenever they wish. It is no longer required for users to travel to a traditional land-based casino to play their favourite casino games. Apart from the Internet, the advent of smartphones also caused the gambling industry to grow by leaps and bounds. At the end of 2017, the mobile gambling industry was said to be worth $100bn and mobile technology has drastically changed the way how people gamble. These technology advancements have also caused a shift in the demographics of gamblers with more youngsters and women population participating in gambling.

People are using tablets and smartphones to gamble anytime from any location they wish and it makes it more convenient to play their favourite casino games. You can just place your bets instantly with just a single touch on your smartphone even when you are travelling. Mobile technology has created a new era for the gambling industry and betting on the go is the popular trend currently. There are plenty of gambling Apps available for both Android and iOS platforms from the largest bookmakers and online casinos. According to the, more than 164 million gamblers are using smartphones and tablets to visit a mobile Casino and to place their bets. By the end of 2018, it is expected that the mobile gambling industry will represent 40% of the total online gambling market.

Virtual Reality is yet another novel technology which has improved the user-experience for gamblers significantly and gained a lot of attraction in recent years. The recent advancement in mobile technology has made the smartphone exciting again with their never-ending features. You can enjoy an immersive visual experience of a live poker game using the advanced Virtual Reality technology which allows you to walk-in to a casino floor and place your bets, interact with the dealer and other players as if you are playing in a real land-based casino. Many online casinos have integrated virtual reality technology which offers a fully-immersive 3D experience with detailed casino rooms that players can walk through, 3D game tables in which players can engage with the dealer and other players and choose their seats. Players can also have fun with realistic 3D slot machines similar to that of traditional land-based casinos. VR casinos also have spatial 3D sounds and offer the ability for players to show body and hand gestures and react to the gestures of other players.

From playing cards and rolling dice in 100 A.D, to a complete city of casinos with touch-screen kiosks and slot machines, unmanned betting shops and Mobile betting Apps in the 21st century, technology has evidently helped the gambling industry to grow by leaps and bounds. Online casino games are more appealing for the younger audience and women as they offer a wider selection of games which can be played on-the-go and requires a lower skill level than traditional land-based casino games like poker. For instance, according to the reports of Gambling commission in the UK, online slot machines alone earned revenue of £1.8 billion which is very huge. Online and Mobile casinos have improved the accessibility of gambling which has resulted in an increased in participation by the female and younger generation.


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