Techsuplex is an online technology magazine based in Nigeria. Its mission is to offer in-depth reporting, intelligent and mind-stimulating opinions, feature stories, breaking news coverage, product information and reviews as well as provide technology tips and solutions, all from an African perspective.

About Staff:

Sanusi Ismaila|

Founder & Editor-in-Chief : Telecom guru, Gadget lover, Technology consultant, New media specialist, Half Genius, Half unserious.

Email: supersanusi@techsuplex.com Twitter@SuperSanusi

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Adamu Shehu|

Deputy Chief Editor: Financial Analyst by day, Technology Enthusiast by night, Geek 24/7. Email: adcrack@techsuplex.com Twitter: @itsAydee  Blog: Aydeesblog

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Hauwa Datti Garba|

Feature’s Editor: Gadget Addict, Telecoms veteran, Photography enthusiast, Geek in denial. Email: kuluwaz@techsuplex.com  Twitter: kuluwaz

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Babajide Akeredolu|

International Editor: Engineer, Nerd, Photography and technology enthusiast. Email: babase@gmail.com Twitter: @1babse Website: babse.aketi.org

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Segun Bright|

Lagos Editor: Computer Scientist, Web and App Developer,  Twitter: @shaggoo_b Email: shaggoo_b@techsuplex.com

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David Faidaro|

International Correspondent: Email: David.fada@gmail.com Twitter: KingDavid_F

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Debo Odunlami| 

Lagos Correspondent: Twitter: @dhebbur Email: gunnerdebo@gmail.com

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Sisem Enaidem|

Correspondent: Email: mnemesis@techsuplex.com Twitter: @medianemesis

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Abigail Anaba|

Features contributor: Twitter: @anabagail

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